Lighting projects with creative lightings enhance hotel ambiance

The luminosity is able to add value ​​to the environment and transform the entire atmosphere, making it more cozy and intimate.

Those who go to a hotel, whether for a business trip or for a holiday vacation, expect to find a comfortable, functional and beautiful environment. There is a certain duality in the decoration of these environments, as they must be differentiated from homes and at the same time be warm and comfortable similarly to the home atmosphere. There is no pre-set pattern, but it is necessary that each selected object is in harmony with the chosen style for the desired setting. Adding modernity and creating something unusual is the great differential in these environments because the traveler does not want to find the same and similar architecture and decoration in all hotels they visit. Regardless of the visited city or country. People have enough monotony in their routines and day to day in the corporate environment.

If there is something that makes a lot of difference in hotel settings it is lighting. Without it the place can get boring, cluttered and unpleasant. The luminosity can add value to ​​the environment and it can transform the entire atmosphere, making it more cozy and intimate. It is always good to remember that large places require proportional and impetuous objects in size. Good examples of this are the lamps of the designer Mauricio D’Ávila from Geo Luz & Cerâmica, which were created especially for large environments such as hotels.

In an entrance hall, in a restaurant, and even in hallways, the chandeliers and pendants are the protagonists of these ambiances. “These objects attract attention not only by their lighting, but also by their design, color and finishes that are in harmony to other details of the decoration, such as sofas, rugs, among others,” explains Mauricio.

The durability, ease of maintenance, and cleaning of these luminaires must be taken into account. Over time, some materials can wear out and change its original color. An assertive choice to avoid that can be to use ceramic, which has always been present in decor, and it is trendy and it has been even more valued recently. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is a material easy to maintain, non-flammable, antiallergic, stainless and with a very long shelf life and extremely low wear over time. The ceramic is versatile, and it is one of the most resistant existing materials, besides being an ecological choice.

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