Light, nature and well-being

Garden: the mini-garden light, designed by Maurício D’Ávila for Geo, Luz & Cerâmica, is featured during Casa Brasil NY.

Light, nature and well-being. A triad that the designer Maurício D’Ávila, from the company Geo, Luz & Cerâmica, synthesized in an innovative creation: Garden is a table lamp with a miniature garden that the award-winning Brazilian designer launches during Casa Brasil NY, from 11 to 25 of May.
The lighting, on display at the Casa Brasil NY exhibition, organized at the Soho, New York, is inspired by the concept of biophilic design, which incorporates nature into everyday spaces and objects, in a symbiosis that offers comfort and tranquility. to the user.
“Nature is known to have a positive influence on people’s health and feelings of happiness. Since we spend so much of our lives indoors, whether at home or at work, it’s critical that we can establish emotional bonds with the environment that we live in. The design thought for well-being, combined with natural elements, collaborates to help motivate the human being, to reduce stress-related diseases, in addition to contributing to high performance and productivity”, he explains. Mauricio D’Avila.

The sustainable element of the lighting – made of ceramic and aluminum – is another important theme for the designer. “Fortunately, consumers around the world are increasingly interested in products that are environmentally friendly and durable. This concern, which is equally important to us, is also related to the life spam of the products we create. The lighting I create for Geo Luz & Cerâmica are ceramic, meaning that they originate from nature and then return to it. In the case of Garden, there is ceramic and even aluminum, which is a recyclable material. In addition, our entire manufacturing process has is focused on the environment and being as sustainable as we can”, explains Maurício D’Ávila.

Brazilian Exhibition
477 Broadway/ 52 Mercer, New York, NY 10013 – EUA
Exhibition Period: from 11 to 25 of May