The inauguration of a new space will feature exclusive products from the designer Maurício D ‘Ávila

The Brazilian designer Mauricio D’Ávila, who is the creator and designer of the 100% handmade luminaires from Geo Luz & Cerâmica, will present its product launches in an exhibition at Shopping D & D in São Paulo. The 117 m² exposition was developed by the architects Maithia Guedes and Carol Nicolini. The lighting, audio and video exhibition, which is already currently taking place, will continue to be featured in the next three months.

In the first floor (Ground floor) the environments are divided by the types of luminaires: residential, commercial and corporate. “We distributed through the spaces wooden cubes that support all the luminaires and that complement the decorative and functional area for ​​each client. Wooden trusses support removable plates that give charm to all exposed washers, “says Carol Nicolini, architect.

In the mezzanine, there is a special environment, where a home-theater was set up with a technical laboratory to demonstrate all variety of lamps and light effects. In addition, the store will also have two displays to highlight the product launches. The people will be able to have a real feel for the space. “We have made this partnership with Geo Luz & Cerâmica because we are looking for products with design and quality that can provide end-users, architects, and designers with modern and differentiated options.”

“The exhibition is innovative in the field of ​​lighting. What we see in the market tends to be ‘more of the same,’ and in this space there are many novelties in lighting and decoration,” says D’Ávila. The exhibition takes place inside the newly opened Archluce store and is located on the D & D Shopping’s Ground Floor, store 223/224.


Source: Alessandra Sabbag and Euracy Campos
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Interpreter: Nayara Pecchia

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