The Brazilian designer will be one of the highlights in Italy

   The Design Week in Milan will take place between April 4 and 9, where 60 Brazilian companies will compose the Be Brasil exposition, which is organized by APEX (Agency that Promotes Exports and Investments in Brazil). The handmade ceramic luminaires from the Brazilian designer Maurício D’Ávila from Geo Luz & Cerâmica is among one of the highlights in the exposition.

The goal is to portray the main attributes of Brazilian talents, such as creativity and innovation, as well as sustainability. For the exposition, Geo brings several innovative product launches that are all inspired by the best in Brazil. For example, the sea and its beautiful landscapes.

Among the designer products are: Abajur Angra, Abajur Ipanema and Copacabana. All Geo’s products are composed of original and timeless shapes, and are handmade in ceramics and natural copper, adding an artistic value to them.

Authorship: Alessandra Sabbag and Euracy Campos

Interpreter: Nayara Pecchia

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