The fixture was designed by Maurício D’Ávila ant it is among the selected products and publications that were awarded in the exhibit.

The lighting fixture Copacabana – designed by Maurício D’Ávila, from Geo Luz & Cerâmica – was selected for the 32nd  award of MCB Design at the Casa Brasileira exhibition. The event will take place in November 10, 2018, along with the Concurso do Cartaz  event that will announce the winner. There will be 10 special feature products and 90 overall selected.

The award exists since 1986 through Meio da A Casa Museu de Arts and Artefatos Brasileiros, and the objective is to value design professionals along with the Brazilian industries, and encourage national production in these segments. “Participate in this exposition and immortalize your work. It is an honor to have my name placed next to two prominent Brazilian designers. It is truly incredible to be selected and to be recognized by my work in design, “says D’Ávila.

The lighting fixture Copacabana is a versatile product and brings together the union of different materials such as copper and ceramic. In fact, the copper is a design risk that was taken, and now showcases a bold modern piece of decoration that adds charm and creates an ambiance. “I like to work with original and timeless materials, our products are handmade, and that adds an extensive artistic value to our products.”


To know more about the work of Maurício D’Ávila and its products, access their website:

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