The idea is that the design of the lighting provides an experience of a perfect environment

The sea inspires many things in life: it is inspiration for relaxation, peace, and tranquility; It is inspiration for music, dance, romanticism or adventure; And is also inspiration in the decoration, through paintings, and photographs. It is fundamentally necessary to have a small piece of the beach inside your house; That is, an environment where you can relax and still bring you good vibes. After all, who would not want to be able to sit down and close their eyes just listening to the sound of waves breaking in the background?

You may not be on a beach in fact, but ambient lighting can provide the same sensations. It was inspired by the sea that the Brazilian designer Maurício D’Ávila created special lamps for houses, hotels and restaurants that want to have a beach feeling closer to them. The luminaires of Geo Luz & Cerâmica are made by hand, with ceramics and copper, resulting in more natural and tranquilizing environments. According to him, the piece itself can already convey this connection with the environment in which it was inspired.

“The environment where you are provides you excitement. The shapes, colors and objects used in this environment can thrill you, intrigue you, and also bring a sense of peace and tranquility. It all depends on how this environment is built, “says the designer. Lighting is a strong aspect of decoration, because the shapes, designs and the light itself will transmit the emotions and influence the feelings of the people who are within the rooms. In beach environments, for example, the lighting must be indirect and the lamps need to reference something hot and warm – as is the case of the ceramic material. The colors are also important and go far beyond simply combining with the rest of the furniture: they also have to match the place as whole in which they are inserted.

D’Ávila says that he used the natural colors of copper, white and blue to create specific pieces that mirror the image of sea, sun and sand. Traits designed in the luminaires give them a particular charm, different formats and types. Some examples are: floor lamps, such as Copacabana; Table lamps, such as the lamps Ipanema, Riviera and Angra; Sconces, like Juliet, Belinda and Pandora; among others. It is important to note that everything that is inside an environment is able to modify us internally. “The shapes, finishes and beauty of the luminaires bring excitement to us, but the light effect itself will add value and transform the environment,” he concludes.

Therefore, the sea, the sun and the sand can be present anywhere in a house, ready to transport us internally to fantastic places, without us even having to be physically there. It is a way to recharge your batteries in the midst of the chaos of the big city, or to relax your body and mind to the sound of nature.


Authorship: Jornalistas Alessandra Sabbag and Euracy Campos

Interpreter: Nayara Pecchia

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