Combining the “past” with the “future” ensures a warm and charming place

The trend in decoration has been different than the norm lately, leaving the sameness of only using the “latest fashion”. The combination of “vintage” concepts with “contemporaneity” has created new styles that appeal to different personas, consequently places have become very unique and charming.

This versatility is conveyed through pieces that are made of a blend of these styles, and which are ideal for giving a special touch of sophistication and modern design to a home. “Since I was a child, I’ve been an admirer of lighting, and I remember that there were public lighting posts that used a similar lamp to this one, and that it always attracted my attention, mostly due to their shapes. I wanted to make a vintage piece that was both modern and well-crafted, “says designer Mauricio D’Ávila of Geo Luz & Cerâmica, talking about the story that inspired him to create the Guanabara pendant.

This lighting fixture presents these characteristics as a vintage piece with a modern touch, transforming rooms through this harmony of styles.  It is a Deja-vu of what is familiar combined with a lot of sophistication. The marriage of this styles blends so well in the decoration of a home and it can be used anywhere, whether in a bedroom, dining room, office, corner tables, and more. These are styles that vary from the most classic to the most trendy.

Of course, this style will depend on the individual taste and the specific impact that someone wants to create in their home, since the decoration also reflects the feelings and emotions of a home. This decoration is great for those who want to create lighting in practical environments, and those own family objects can also take advantage of this style when decorating. Therefore, vintage and modern can blend and at the same time highlight and create a supermodern home.

The light bulb, which has been often used in previous decades, is the new trend in lighting. It is an addition to a decorative piece, and it exerts an intimate function. This is ideal to create the climate of warmth in a house. Therefore, the secret to having an all-time modern home is to create a mix of styles with vintage, and to connect the past and the future through much charm and harmony.


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