Designer Maurício D’Avila was inspired by nature when he created the mini-garden lamp


Spring makes people feel refreshed, prompting many people to want to revamp their décor. There is also a tendency to bring more of nature into the home, whether in flowering bouquets, potted plants, or even though indoor gardens. Another trend is to add more colorful objects and details within the spaces. Windows are open more often during the day to let in natural light, bringing that season-like feeling of brightness.


But what incorporating spring into the home design? Designer Mauricio D’Avila of Geo Light & Ceramics recently launched the admirable lamp called Garden: a lamp that unites light with nature in a unique and creative way. The lighting fixture fulfills the function of natural light while providing a creative mini garden. “The piece meets biophilic design, with the goal of creating spaces where we can live and work in contact with nature. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, so this will improve physical and mental well-being,” explain.


Biophilic is a new trend in interior design that makes people feel more comfortable, healthy, and motivated while being indoors. Merging nature into indoor spaces, where we live or work, is a way to reduce stress-related illnesses.


 It is known that nature has a positive influence on people’s health and that it makes people feel happy. However, as it is not always possible to renovate and change the entire architecture of a building or home, now people can achieve this level of comfort with places that combine beauty with nature is a great way to perfect spaces.


And spring is also the perfect time to talk about sustainability as both architecture and decoration must be aligned with the idea of preserving natural resources. “Worldwide, consumers are focused on consuming greener and environmentally friendly products. This concern is also ingrained in the products of Geo Luz & Ceramics , which was developed by in ceramic. Ceramic comes from nature and is a biodegradable material.  In addition, the manufacturing process of the parts is also entirely environmentally friendly ”, explains the designer.


 About the designer:

Maurício D’Avila has won numerous awards with many of his lighting fixtures, such as the Abilux Design Award and the House & Gift Award, as well as three pieces published in the Italian book Top Design – which selects the highlights of Milan’s Fuorisalone in 2017,  and the selection of the Copacabana luminaire for the 32nd Brazilian House Museum Design Award exhibition.

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