Pendants lights can be used in the most varied rooms

Symmetry in decoration has ceased to be fashionable for many years. Today, it is common to have an unconventional set up, colors and decoration pieces through the home. It is now what makes the house modern, luxurious and fashionable. The asymmetry of this décor composition is what adds charm to a place. The contrast here and there are the difference in decorating. Thus it is possible to make countless different creations for each type of place.

“In decoration it is important to have a piece that is versatile, where its functionality is an essential part of that specific room, harmonizing it,” says Brazilian designer Maurício D’Ávila of Geo Luz & Cerâmica. The light pendant GUT is a good example among Mauricio’s many creations, since it has an asymmetrical shape. “It is a combination of interposed geometric forms, which brings a charm to the product and at the same time a modern look. Being ceramic, it has its rounded corners – which makes it more organic, “he explains.

The piece is not large, which also facilitates it to fit in the most unusual places of a house, either alone or along with another piece of decoration. It is perfect to be used above tables and counters, especially in cellars and places that tend to clutter with drinks. In the kitchen, above tables and benches, in the bedrooms by the bedside table or simply by the bed. Therefore, in addition to being placed on a table, it can also be placed in any corner.

In addition, the product is made in very different colors, bringing a fun feel to a room. The colors range from sand, tobacco, yellow, blue, black, and more. “This diversity of colors brings all the fun into a room, regardless of the specific chosen tone. In terms of lighting, it is a pendant that uses a powerful focus light, highlighting objects and efficiently illuminating.

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