Well-designed architectural projects that include lamps and chandeliers bring refinement and warmth to the project

Lighting is generally the last part to be evaluated and designed in an architectural project. However, if the lighting is not planned well, it could ruin the entire decor and create an extremely uncomfortable environment. Lighting can completely change the entire environment, create a scenery, and add value warmth and practicality to the space. In addition to the important role of lighting in a project, it can also be considered a decorative item that displays the design of the lamp, its elements, and makes one of the most important esthetic pieces of a decor.

That is the reason that projects and lighting always have to be in harmony. Giving the ability to create a perfect and balanced environment. Therefore, it is essentially important to evaluate the lighting plan for each room within a home. “The people that invest time in lighting, are also investing in the possibility to create interaction between the space and their occupants, and to highlight the strongest items of the decoration. Therefore, it is crucial that both lighting and décor are always in harmony and ready to create the perfect environment,” claims Mauricio D’avila, who is the designer of Geo Luz&Cerâmica.

Lamps and chandeliers are both very versatile items in decor by completing the environment and providing the sensations of warmth, sophistication, and tranquility to its users. For example, the lighting is usually yellow in living rooms as the sensation of warmth is very important in order to host guests or watch TV.

Pendants and sconces add a touch of contemporary and modernity to its places, while standing lamps provide a natural refined touch. The market still supplies a verity of models, designs, and colors of lamps that interact well. Some examples are Geo Luz&Cerâmica products, which are 100% handmade, and are durable environmentally friendly due to its ceramic material.

Lamps with direct light are often used for reading or relaxation in outdoor places. They are also great in any weather as they are very durable and resistant. To know more of Geo Luz& Ceramic products, access the website of the Brazilian designer Mauricio D’Ávila, at www.geoceramica.com.br


Authorship: Jornalistas Alessandra Sabbag and Euracy Campos

Interpreter: Nayara Pecchia

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