Forget the “rustic” stigma and see the modernity and refinement of this combination.

The copper has been frequently used in décor for a rustic look, and the material is often used in many items and details of decoration throughout homes. In addition, the ceramic is also known to have the same attributes; however, the combination of the two transforms an ordinary space into an elegant, refined, sophisticated, and modern one. This combination of two very distinct materials can be found in many decorative pieces, and they have a special emphasis when featured in luminaries.

That is exactly what the designer Mauricio D’Avila from Geo Luz&Ceramica thought when he created exclusive pieces with this combination. Mauricio claims that “very different to what some people think of the word ‘rustic’ as being something ‘old’, this combination of elements is an essential part of modern décor. In addition to causing a verity of emotions in people, the combination gives the space a cozy, and calm sensation.”

A good example of this combination would be the Copacabana standing lamp that was created by D’Avila. With the finishing options in both white and dark brown, the piece has a copper bar with its finishings in ceramic. Copacabana is a large lamp that has a delicate look that is used in interior spaces. It is a piece that is both practical and decorative that adds value to its surroundings.

There are also smaller pieces that can be placed on top of furniture in places such as rooms and offices. For example, the table lamps are great features of this combination of materials and colors. The table lamps Angra and Ipanema from Geo Luz&Ceramica are inspired by the ocean. Therefore, they transmit a sensation of tranquility to the space.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that ceramic is a versatile material that is easily adaptable to a verity of styles, bringing a touch of sophistication and luxury to it. In addition to the esthetics, ceramic is a material that requires minimal maintenance, not flammable, hypoallergenic, stainless, and has an extremely long life spam. The material is also considered one of the most resistants available, while also being biodegradable.

In conclusion, there are many possible combinations between copper and ceramic that do not reflect the “old” stigma of these materials. The combination has a special charm and neutral colors that go together extremely well, showing that to build a modern house is necessary to explore the infinite possibilities of existing materials and colors,  and to have an open mind to what is new, while reinventing yourself.

Authorship: Jornalistas Alessandra Sabbag and Euracy Campos

Interpreter: Nayara Pecchia

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