10Oct 2018

It can affect your appetite, create an inviting environment and still add value to the decor. A nice place, comfortable, cozy, where it awakens the desire to stay longer and, preferably to make people  “hungry”. This should be the kind of perfect ambiance that a restaurant should offer its customers and the lighting makes all […]

14Aug 2018

It is not a mystery that lighting is a very critical piece in creating the perfect ambience.   Proper planning of room lighting is as important as any other step in the decoration process. After all, lighting is even able to affect our mood. Therefore, some lighting tips are essential to ensure that a project […]

23May 2018

Combining the “past” with the “future” ensures a warm and charming place The trend in decoration has been different than the norm lately, leaving the sameness of only using the “latest fashion”. The combination of “vintage” concepts with “contemporaneity” has created new styles that appeal to different personas, consequently places have become very unique and […]

05Oct 2017

Four products were “awarded” in new book  The Brazilian designer Maurício D’Ávila, from Geo Luz & Cerâmica, will be featured in the book Top Design, which collects the best products in fashion, design and art. The designer was chosen at Fuori Salone in the Design Week held annually in Milan. The yearbook selects the best […]

14Jun 2017

                Forget the “rustic” stigma and see the modernity and refinement of this combination. The copper has been frequently used in décor for a rustic look, and the material is often used in many items and details of decoration throughout homes. In addition, the ceramic is also known to […]