Visitors to the event felt inspired and in love with the exhibit


CASACOR SP, which is taking place until July 29, is stirring up the city with innovations in decoration, design and landscaping, presenting objects that dictate trends. The Kauai lighting piece, which was designed by the award-winning Brazilian designer Mauricio D’Ávila from Geo Luz & Cerâmica, is handmade in ceramic into a discreet design. The piece brings charm and beauty to an evening at the co-living space that was designed by the landscaper Clariça Lima.

With 138 m², the event aims to exchange experiences between people, and have guests participate in conversations, while connecting and enjoying the outdoors and nature around them. That is why this room is the main exhibit and main entrance to other spaces of CASACOR. “The environment is conducive to creation, and it is both art and a topic of conversation. Our lighting makes the room even more cozy, and brings new sensations and emotions to people through it, “says Maurício D’Ávila.


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