Different models, materials and designs that add exclusive value

     Clean or colorful decoration? Ambiance that reflects energy or serenity? A space that conveys peace or excitement? Strength or tranquility? No matter how or where, decoration is becoming more and more versatile. The touch of “craftsmanship” brings with it the artistic and unique value of sensation that pieces are elaborated with care and attention.

In addition, the pieces gain personality and originality, especially when they are handmade. The image of a seated artist, with a dirty apron, magically and carefully carving that precious piece. It is invaluable that sentimental and emotional value of a decoration. “The decoration allows you to have that mobility and creative freedom. And when you have it personalized, you have more exclusive products, and with that you have something immeasurable. The ambiance becomes something unique and the combinations that can be made with that are very interesting, “says Maurício D’Ávila, designer of Geo Luz & Cerâmica.

Geo’s products are 100% hand-made by D’Ávila and due to their unique design, many have already won international awards and recognition. Among this range of products are lamps, such as Riviera and Don; the Asteris and Pandora washers; the pendants Gaya, Nisha and Soleil; and several other pieces. They are pieces that seek to blend in the decoration with the art, which go far beyond pictures on the wall.

In modern times, this mixture is gaining popularity. The great works of art were made to be contemplated and admired, while decoration always created that same feeling, it had not been in an internal, more reflective and indirect way. “It is no wonder that today we have a world of designers, including Brazilians, who have reached the level of artists. This is good, because it values our national production and inspires the younger ones, rising of new talents, “analyzes D’Ávila.

To him, the decoration market is always hot, year after year and year, and with no downfall. “We have imported national products of the most varied price ranges, and with varied types of materials. This freedom of creation that exists within decoration makes novelties accessible to anyone in the market. Also, who does not like to keep their house constantly beautiful and modern? It brings options to all different tastes,” he says.


To know more about their products, go to www.geoceramica.com.br.

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