It can affect your appetite, create an inviting environment and still add value to the decor.

A nice place, comfortable, cozy, where it awakens the desire to stay longer and, preferably to make people  “hungry”. This should be the kind of perfect ambiance that a restaurant should offer its customers and the lighting makes all the difference! This is because depending on the lighting of a place, their tables, and furniture, the customer may feel uncomfortable and seek other places for a family dinner or even with friends.

In addition to having this power of attracting people, the lighting also influences the appearance of the food, intensifying the colors and the textures, providing a pleasant sight to the one who is eating. “Each restaurant is unique and has to evaluate what they are offering. There are restaurants that have the goal to want their customers to stay longer and others for less time, such as fast food chains, and lighting also helps to design this format. A restaurant needs to be always attractive to their specific customer, giving a welcoming feeling. As incredible as the decor is, bad lighting could scare customers off, “says designer Mauricio D’Ávila of Geo Luz & Cerâmica.

First of all you need to think about the design of the restaurant and have a definite planning. What is the offering of the restaurant? What’s your style? What audience does it attend? Many still make mistakes with the prevalence of predominant white light, when the yellowish light is best suited to any type of restaurant. “The ideal is to work as much as possible with yellow tones and to leave a little brighter lighting for the work areas. Psychology studies the influence of colors on humans, and there are several studies that indicate that the more yellow light stimulates hunger, “explains the designer.

One can not forget that the lighting will be part of the decoration, and that, therefore, must be in perfect harmony with it. Luminaires have an important role in this composition, as well as directing the light rays to the place where they want to give the greatest focus, they add value to the decoration, which can bring more charm, refinement and grace to the environments. The round tables, often scattered throughout the restaurant, with smaller, long chairs for customers to fit in, require a small, delicate pendant – such as the Mini Deimos and Mini Canes pendants from Geo Luz & Cerâmica – so as not to focus the light on the table itself and create an unwanted reflection.Some examples are also the outstanding with differentiated design, of the fixtures Soleil and Juá, leaving the environment with refinement and elegance.

“It must be emphasized that the entrepreneur, investor or idealizer, considers well the issue of lighting and that the architectural design is well aligned with these issues. Therefore, the opinion of a professional is of extreme importance, “adds the designer.

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