It is not a mystery that lighting is a very critical piece in creating the perfect ambience.


Proper planning of room lighting is as important as any other step in the decoration process. After all, lighting is even able to affect our mood. Therefore, some lighting tips are essential to ensure that a project has the correct functionality without leaving aside the aesthetic value that it can add to a place.

“Lighting is one of the most important pieces in architecture. It allows us to rest or feel energized,  giving a final touch to a decoration project. It can properly highlight decoration pieces and objects in a room” explains Mauricio D’Ávila, designer of Geo Luz & Cerâmica. The Moana lighting piece is an example of this way of thinking, and it brings new trend to the lighting market.

Made out of ceramic, steel, and electrostatic paint, Moana came from the idea to create a piece that was versatile and beautiful, while adding sophistication to a place. “Nowadays rooms need to be increasingly optimized, prioritizing openness and easy movements within it, and Moana was created thinking of that: to occupy less space while being highly functional,” says the designer. After all, a lighting project should focus on that, so it can have the best usage of each corner of a house.

To choose the ideal type of lighting fixture and lamps, it is necessary to take into account the function of that space, and its relation to it with the desired effects in mind. The Moana piece can be used above tables, bedside, offices, and many other places in a home without occupying any physical space, it only needs a nearby outlet. “This was done in order to combine beauty, decoration, functionality and versatility in just one piece,” concludes D’Ávila.

Always remember to take time to observe your surroundings, the amount of light that is needed in each room of the house, and especially how to be in accordance with the activities that will take place in that room. Both excess of light and the lack of it can cause discomfort, and neutral-colored lighting fixtures are ideal for a more intimate, calm and quiet feel, making it easier to have a proper lighting that will add value and highlight your decor.


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