Geo na mídia

10Jul 2017

Well-designed architectural projects that include lamps and chandeliers bring refinement and warmth to the project Lighting is generally the last part to be evaluated and designed in an architectural project. However, if the lighting is not planned well, it could ruin the entire decor and create an extremely uncomfortable environment. Lighting can completely change the […]

03May 2017

The idea is that the design of the lighting provides an experience of a perfect environment The sea inspires many things in life: it is inspiration for relaxation, peace, and tranquility; It is inspiration for music, dance, romanticism or adventure; And is also inspiration in the decoration, through paintings, and photographs. It is fundamentally necessary […]

26Apr 2017

The luminosity is able to add value ​​to the environment and transform the entire atmosphere, making it more cozy and intimate. Those who go to a hotel, whether for a business trip or for a holiday vacation, expect to find a comfortable, functional and beautiful environment. There is a certain duality in the decoration of […]